May 4, 2016 Meeting – “May the 4th Be With You” – Club Officer Election & Tall Tale Contest

“May the 4th Be With You” an appropriate theme for the evening since we were conducting the Mansion Toastmasters Club Officer Election and Tall Tale Contest.

Marianne M. as ASA started the meeting and introduced our Chair for the evening, Shelley O. who went over the agenda and stressed the time sensitivity due to two major events that were about to begin and asked for everyone’s cooperation.

To begin the evening, Congratulations, here are your Club Officers for 2016/2017:

President – Steven S.
Immediate Past President – Rob C.
VP of Education – Marianne M.
VP of Member – Chris N.
VP of PR – Marisa F.
Treasurer – Sarah H.
Secretary – Hector N.
Club Elect Assistant Secretary – Carissa T.
Sergeant of Arms – Lisa M.
Social Committee Chair – Lisa M.
Speech Contest Committee Chair – Rob C.

The second half of the meeting, Tall Tale Contest. We heard from three excellent speeches from our members, Sarah H., Steven S., Nathan K., Chris N., Doug K. who presented their most heart felt, humorous and intriguing talks.

Tall Tale Contest Awards of the Evening:
Congratulations went to Sarah H., Third Place, Doug K., Second Place, and First Place went to Nathan K.

What a sensational evening! Congratulations to everyone!

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