October 28, 2015 “Halloween” Meeting

“Halloween” was the most memorable time we had in giving everyone an opportunity to express themselves by dressing up in costumes for the occasion.  It was a great time in spooking up everyone at this week’s meeting on Wednesday, October 28, 2015.

Carmen A. the Assistant Sargent of Arms started the meeting and introduced our Chair for the evening, Doug K..   Doug introduced the theme by sharing his honest feelings about Halloween.  At the same time, he kept things moving along with everyone who had specific roles that evening.

Toastmaster of the evening was suppose to be Marisa F. however, she was abducted and put to stew in a pot by Witchie Pooh… who took her place as Toastmaster.

General Evaluator was suppose to be Marianne M. however, she was replacement by Bride of Count Dracula took her place as General Evaluator.

We heard two excellent speeches from our members, Lorraine D. and Rob C. , who presented their most intriguing and interesting presentations.

Awards of the Evening:
Congratulations went to Paul V.  for winning Best Table Topic Speaker and to Gary F. and  for both winning Best Evaluator and Lorraine D. for Best Speaker.

Spirit of the Mansion was presented to Lisa M., Carmen A., Marisa F., Gary F., Marianne M., Paul M., Lorraine D.,  for dressing up in Halloween costumes.    Marisa F. won Best Costume.

See everyone on November 4, 2015 for another great meeting!

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