October 14, 2015 “Humour” Meeting

“Humour” was the perfect theme to help keep everyone’s happy mood after a Thanksgiving long weekend. What a great time we had listening to great spontaneous humour from everyone at this week’s meeting on Wednesday, September 23rd.

Paul Vojtek Assistant Sargent of Arms started the meeting and introduced our Chair for the evening, Lorraine DeGroote. Lorraine added her great sense of humor with a variety jokes and at the same time, kept things moving along with everyone who had specific roles.

We heard excellent speeches from our long time member, Doug Keyes and our Honourable Guest, who was one of the co-founders of Mansion Toastmasters, Dave Howlett. Doug Keyes completed his Advanced Communication Manual – Project 3 Speech while Dave presented an Educational Session for us.

Awards of the Evening:
Congratulations went to Paul Macintosh and to Doug Keyes for both winning Best Table Topic Speaker and to Lisa Moran for winning Best Evaluator and Dave Howlett for Best Speaker.

See everyone on the 21st for our next meeting!

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