“Look on the Bright Side” Meeting for October 19, 2016

Mansion Toastmasters Club, Rotary Centre, Burlington, theme for the evening was “Look on the Bright Side” theme. Each of members who attended this evening had an opportunity to express what “Looking on the Bright Side” meant to them personally through various impromptu talks and through their assigned roles.

Shelley O. our ASA for the evening began the meeting and introduced our Chair for the evening, Sarah H. who acknowledged everyone including our guests and brought our attention to our agenda. She shared her thoughts and experiences on the theme and at the same time, kept things moving along with everyone who had specific roles assigned for the evening.

To begin, our a Toast was given by Marisa F. provided a thought provoking based on the theme “Look on the Bright Side”.

The Table Topics session provided a excellent exercise for six random volunteered members to do a one minute impromptu talk on a hand selected topic given by the Table Topics Master for the evening, Lisa M.

The word of the evening “Sanguine” was presented by our Grammarian Chris N.

Doug F. and Rob C. did an excellent job on presenting their most heart felt and intriguing speech and presentation. Mansion Toastmasters Members provided their comments and placed a vote for Best Speaker for the evening. Shelley O. provided and excellent evaluation of Doug F.’s speech and Paul M. also provided an excellent evaluation on the delivery of Rob C.’s speech along with a couple of tips on how to improve. Mansion Toastmasters provided their comments on both Shelley O. and Rob C. evaluation presentations and a vote for Best Evaluator for the evening.

Awards of the Evening were presented to Rob C. for “Best Speaker”.

Our Chair, Sarah H. adjourned the evening promptly at 9:30pm. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 our Halloween Themed Meeting.

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