January 20, 2016 Meeting “By Design”

“By Design” an evolving theme which gave everyone an opportunity to express what it meant to them. What a great meeting.

Lisa M. as ASA started the meeting and introduced our Chair for the evening, Marianne M. who introduced the theme by sharing his thoughtful meaning on the theme. At the same time, kept things moving along with everyone who had specific roles that evening.

We heard three excellent speeches from our members, Marisa F., Robert C. and Gary F. who presented their most heart felt and intriguing speeches.

Awards of the Evening:
Congratulations went to Michael P. (Guest) for winning Best Table Topic Speaker and to Jennifer C. for winning Best Evaluator and Gary F. for Best Speaker.

Spirit of the Mansion was presented to Paul M., Lisa M., Doug F. for taking roles last minute.

See everyone on January 27, 2016 at the The Beaver and Bulldog for our Christmas Holiday Dinner.
– See more at: http://mansiontoastmasters.com/meetings/november-4-2015-fall-back-meeting/#sthash.MhIO6xPd.dpuf

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